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I remember walking into the centre years ago and listening to the concerns about the centre feeling very cluttered and old. Since the centre was painted in either very neutral colours or super primary colours, they would always tape kids and teachers artwork to the walls to try to make the environment feel fun and welcoming.

Unfortunately this was considered a fire hazard in most cases and ​didn't really look nice as the tape would not hold the papers in place and after a couple of days they would start falling off the wall. Staples were also used but over the years staples and little bits of paper remain stuck to the wall. 

So the next option was bulletin boards. But they did not help in making the centre not feel cluttered. In fact they added to the clutter and just look terrible anyhow.

The First Decision was to Beautify the Entrance Area.

A great idea was considered for the large entrance way and that was to create an interactive learning mural that could be changed every month for the kids to learn about the world and history. So the great hall was emptied of it's cluttering flyers, info boards, and general stuff regularly parked there and so the train of knowledge was created with it's fun characters and interactive learning areas. 

As soon as you walk in the front door we also created a special WELCOME sign and nature scene that sets your expectations for the rest of the centre.

The First Impression is Key !

​When you walk into any centre the first impression usually sets the tone and feel for the rest of the centre. If it feels cluttered and old at the entrance, good chances are the rest of the centre will be the same.

At this day care we created a special WELCOME sign and nature scene that puts a smile on your face and sets the expectations for the rest of the centre. The nature scene carries you into the great hall area and basically lets you know that this day care is not like any other!

It was Time  to Repaint the Entire Centre !

When Mural Magic said they would be able to include murals into the quote for repainting the entire centre we got really excited with the possibilities!

We  Offer Three Options...

Day Care Bambi Mural

Painting and Mural Combo

If you are looking for a complete transformation, then we can combine murals with the basic painting for a spectacular result that the kids, parents and staff will love!

One of A Kind Mural

If you want a one of a kind mural then we have you covered. If you have an area in your centre that a mural would be the answer to making it a special addition, then a mural it is!

Fully Repainted Daycare in Ottawa.

Basic Painting

If you just need your centre repainted with a fresh coat of carefully picked colours, then we can surely help you out! And just to let you know-beige is probably not on the list :)

Reignite the Passion for Your Centre!

  • When we paint a day care we look with an artists eye, not a contract painters.
    What that means for you is, if we paint a wall sky blue as an example, chances are we are going to suggest adding nice clouds and maybe a few birds and butterflies as a fun accent.
  • Every wall we paint is handled with the care it deserves.
    Whether we paint a mural on a wall or just pick a nice colour, we take the utmost care to make sure it is the right decision for your centre.
  • You won't even know we are there.
    Since we are painting a day care centre, we work during the best time that would be the least interruptive even if this means over night. We keep everything super clean and neat.

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This is How the Magic happens!

Barn Yard Scene by Mural Magic

Dave Lafreniere of Mural Magic in Ottawa.
Dave Lafreniere
Founder of Mural Magic

About Mural Magic

When designing a mural for a day care or even a kid's room, I always strive for their first word to be WOW! When this happens, the smiles follow and I know my job here is done.

The first mural I ever did was for my first son over 26 years ago and I have never stooped!​ I still I love the thrill and challenge of​ creating something new all the time.

People ask all the time if I went to school for this or did I take classes later on, but no I just really enjoyed painting BIG ideas on BIGGER walls.

Here is a List of Our Happy Day Care Clients!

    • Cumberland Hub - Ottawa
    • St. Bernadet's Catholic School - Toronto
    • Centre Educatif Brin de Soleil - Ottawa
    • Tiny Hoppers - Ottawa
      • Playtime Day Care Centre - Ottawa
        • Barrhaven Public School - Ottawa
          • Aladin Chid Care Services - Ottawa
              • Borden Farm Child Care Centre - Ottawa
                • Bridlewood Child Learning Centre -Ottawa
                  • Charmain Craven Child Care Centre - Ottawa
                    • Algonquin College Day Care - Ottawa
                      • Busy Bee Day Care - Rockland
                        • Dr. Ernest Couture Day Care Centre - Ottawa
                          • Holy Spirit Child Care Centre - Ottawa
                            • Katimavik Kindergarten and School Age - Ottawa
                              • Parkwood Hills School Age Program - Ottawa
                                • Stonehaven School Age Program - Ottawa
                                  • Mount Shannon School Age Program - Ottawa
                                    • Ecole elementaire catholique Monfort - Ottawa
                                      • Viscount Alexander Public School - Ottawa
                                          • Pinocchio Day Care - Ottawa
                                            • Tiny Hoppers - Kingston

Here are some sample of the Magic of Murals

Imagine What we could do for YOU !

What People Are Saying About Mural Magic

We are so pleased with the work Mural Magic has done to showcase our partnership between the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. From the moment we began dealing with Mural Magic to see how we can bring this project to fruition to the completed work, we were extremely impressed with the professionalism and talent that Dave brought to this project.

Barry Seller
Ottawa Senators Foundation

I simply can not thank you enough for the creative masterpiece you envisioned and executed on the boys wall.They are so thrilled to take people up to their room to show off their new ‘digs’. I was tremendously impressed with your strong work ethics and attention to detail. You have created an environment for the boys that allows them to dream big and expand their imaginations. I am thrilled beyond words with how it all turned out and that is why I can not in good conscience settle on the agreed price.I wish I could do more but please accept this from an extremely grateful heart. I can not sing your praises enough and look forward to telling all my friends all about you. Much appreciation.

Heather Thompson
Happy Mom

Great work, very professional. Not only is Dave an excellent painter, but he is also able to help you develop your concept. Most of us do not have a artistic bone in us but we all think we know what we want. Through discussions and sketches Dave is able to capture your thoughts and ideas and put them into a mural for your customers to enjoy.

Brad Marsh
Marshies Bar and Grill

Book your Mural Magic Meeting and See if You Qualify for a FREE Mural!

(some conditions apply)

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P.S.This really is a game changer. Mural Magic will completely change the look and feel of your centre. The old theory of painting the walls all neutral to keep the kids calm really only makes the centre feel bland and maybe a bit depressing. By changing the colours to soft but fun colours with the addition of some fun loving characters really takes things to the next level.

Parents, the kids, and even staff will feel more inspired when in a centre that has had the Mural Magic treatment! Book your Mural Magic meeting before March 1st, 2017 to qualify for a free mural.

(some conditions apply)

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